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How Berlusconi is Striving to Make Italy Thrive

October 18, 2011

Take the most idiot businessman in the world and ask him, “what is the most important success factor for a company to thrive in today’s world”? The answer will unanimously be one – image. Companies today need to cater to the public opinion and build a positive image of themselves and of what they stand for.

Every day, all over the world, Italian entrepreneurs work hard trying to establish and maintain a reputation for Italian products. They are striving to compete in the global market by adding the “Italian touch”, so much valued in foreign markets, to their products. Yet, there is one obstacle that is completely undermining their efforts: the Italian prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi.

Go abroad today, talk with people in Europe, in the U.S., in China or in Australia, and tell them you are Italian. 20 years ago they would have said “Ahhh, Italian, right? Pizza, Spaghetti, Ferrari, Florence, Michelangelo, Beautiful Women”. Today, the answer is “Ahhh, Italian, right? Pizza, Spaghetti, Bunga-Bunga, Sex with Minor Beautiful Women, Idiot Jokes”. Proof below, from the windows of a store in Amsterdam:

Berlusconi's flattering contribution to the image of Italians in the Netherlands

I really don’t get it: is it really possible that this self-purported businessman, who in his own words “built an empire out of hard work and business acumen”, doesn’t understand the impact of his actions to the Italian enterprise?


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